Eatigo Is Now Officially in Malaysia

eatigo Delights Malaysian diners with up to 50% discounts at every restaurant.

Every day, TripAdvisor-backed restaurant reservation platform connects Malaysian users to a wide range of restaurants from upscale hotel locations, to popular food chains

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eatigo, Southeast Asia’s leading restaurant reservation platform, announced today that it is now officially available to users in Malaysia. The platform enables users to make fuss-free reservations at more than 1,000 restaurants on the app. Users also get to enjoy discounts at any time, with restaurants on eatigo always having multiple timeslots a day offering 50% off.

In line with eatigo’s aim to connect empty stomachs and empty tables, users will be able to choose from an expansive list of restaurants that includes everything from upscale hotel locations, to popular food chains, and enjoy the same discounts with no strings attached. You do not need to pay upfront nor even use your credit card – users will just need to make a reservation on eatigo to enjoy reduced prices on their meals.

At the official launch of the app earlier today, Michael Cluzel, eatigo co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, said,

“After great success in both Thailand and Singapore, where we’ve seated over 4 million diners since our inception, we’re excited to continue extending eatigo’s reach in Southeast Asia. eatigo was developed to help restaurants fill their empty seats during off-peak hours, while also offering users discounted meals at their favourite restaurants. And now with our expansion plans set in motion, we’re looking to connect more users to their favourite restaurants in the region.”

With eatigo currently available in Bangkok, Pattaya, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong, and its sights set on more Southeast Asian destinations, users all across the region can look forward to enjoying good meals at attractive discounts. Supported by investor, TripAdvisor, the platform currently boasts over one million installs across the region since its inception. “eatigo is always looking to add more quality dining places to the list, and we believe having a good mix of affordable and upscale options, in addition to the wide variety of cuisines on offer, will keep users coming back to the app for more,” states Michael.

Founded in 2013, eatigo aims to connect empty stomachs to empty tables. Through the mobile application and website, it offers time-based discounts of up to 50% for every restaurant, every day. With having seated over 4 million diners with over a thousand restaurants, eatigo is the leading online reservation platform for restaurants in Southeast Asia. With backing by Tripadvisor, eatigo is now available in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia & Hong Kong, and are looking to expand to more countries. Users can choose to dine from upscale hotels to popular food chains and enjoy the same discounts with no strings attached while restaurants get to fill up empty seats during off-peak hours.


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